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Dean Wolfe began his stand-up comedy career in San Francisco, working with some of the best comics in the country and performing regularly at the Punch Line, Catch a Rising Star, Rooster T. Feathers, and Tommy T's. Before being institutionalized by marriage, he toured throughout California and Western States as well as New England; and got the chance to open up for Robin Williams. He eventually moved to Los Angeles (so he could afford to buy a house) and quickly found writing work on The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, and feature films including Devious Beings and Mob Hysteria.

Dean was recently a finalist at the 2007 First Annual California Comedy Festival in Los Angeles. He was selected from over 140 comics who competed in this competition. Also in Los Angeles, he has performed at The Improv, The Ice House, The Laugh Factory and The Comedy Store. He is also part of the Rebels of Comedy and Heavy Hitters of Comedy.

As an actor, he has appeared on Dick Wolf's Dragnet, Chicken Soup for the Soul, and Jerry Bruckheimers' Soldier of Fortune. His writing credits include two pilots as well as TV Guide editorials and nationally syndicated cartoons. Dean will also be featured in the Scott Baio reality television show, Scott Baio is 46 . . . , on VH1.

Dean prides himself with being politically incorrect, intelligent and original. Dean feels that comedy and laughter are what's really missing from today's society (along with the middle class of course); and they can cure a sick heart — but hospitals just don't pay comedians very well, and the accommodations smell funny.

Dean's most recent venture in comedy is the Men's Club Comedy Tour — a sophisticated, Vegas-style show featuring three other headlining comics. Stay updated about upcoming shoes at



Gay men love everything about women, except for their whole . . . yeah, except for their hole . . .

I was born in Florida and raised by Wolfes.
Went to several schools in Florida, got a BA in Communications . . . a poor choice that led to comedy . . . it usually is. Actually I always thought I would grow up to be a pimp since I misunderstood my first $3 allowance from my father — I figured he was just paying to have sex with my mom.

I learned to be funny to overcome some of the hardships I faced as a child. Growing up in Florida, it was tough finding friends my own age. Most of my posse was geriatric, but at least we could share bed-wetting stories. I miss life before the internet boom, it was sweet. People used to get out to the clubs, now everyone stays at home and surfs the Web. How's a guy supposed to make a living? It's much more sketchy breaking into someone's house when they're home.

I left San Francisco and moved to Los Angeles to pursue my stand up and writing career — and so I could afford to buy a house. I've written for The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn as well as Feature Films, Cartoons (yes, the published kind), and various other important crap.


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Political Incorrectness, Intelligence, Originality, Bad Speling
Height: 6'3"   Hair: Brown (<40%)
Weight: 200   Eyes: Green
Finalist at the 2007 First Annual California Comedy Festival, Los Angeles
The Improv
The Icehouse
The Punchline
Catch a Rising Star
Full list available on request
Dragnet Co-Star Donna Deitch/ABC
The Wine Guys Co-Host Bob Schiele
Chicken Soup for the Soul Guest Star PAX
The Mixmasters (pilot) Co-Host Incline Productions
Soldier of Fortune, Inc. Featured Jerry Bruckheimer
"The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn" CBS Television
Devious Beings Red Bear Films
Mob Hysteria FBC
TV Guide Mike Peck/Editor
The Quigmans Cartoons Buddy Hickerson
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